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Exceptional Initiative Terms & Conditions


To be eligible for this initiative, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

For Eligible Guests

  • The guest must be a client of the former Crystal Cruises (Crystal Cruises LLC).
  • The guest must have filed a claim form with Moecker & Associates through the ABC process, which form was received by no later than June 11, 2022, by Moecker & Associates (the “Claim”).
  • The Claim must still be valid with sums currently outstanding to the guest (refunds from the Assignee, credit card companies, insurance, or others will be netted from the original amount of the claim).

For Travel Advisors

  • The travel advisor must have been named in the Claim filed by the Eligible Guest.
  • The travel advisor must be registered with the new Crystal Cruises.

Please note Eligible Guests must file their Claims directly. Any Travel Advisor filing Claims on behalf of Guests may result in a delay of the verification process.

Claim and Booking Process

  1. Register your claim on this site before August 1, 2023.
  2. Your claim will be verified against the current list of outstanding amounts owed by the former Crystal Cruises.
  3. Once verified, a Crystal agent will contact you via email to confirm that you have been registered as a beneficiary (“Beneficiary(ies)”) and inform you of the total amount of the credit available to you for current and future bookings ("Credit"). The Crystal agent will facilitate the application of the Credit to existing bookings or making new bookings.
  4. After applying a sub-credit to an existing or new booking, the Credit will be reduced, and any unused sub-credits will be stored in the Beneficiary’s guest profile in the Crystal Reservation System.
  5. After the certificate is activated by applying a sub-credit to an existing or new booking, any time the Beneficiary wishes to use one or more of their sub-credits, the current outstanding amount of their claim will be verified against the updated list of outstanding amounts owed by the former Crystal Cruises. Once the claim is verified, the Beneficiary must make a booking within 10 business days, otherwise Crystal will need to re-verify the claim again.
  6. The outstanding claim must always equal or exceed the amount of the Credit remaining. Should the Beneficiary have been refunded in the meantime, an equivalent reduction will be applied to the outstanding Credit. Should the Beneficiary have been fully refunded, the Credit will be canceled, and the guest will cease to be a Beneficiary.
  7. Beneficiaries traveling with friends and family, booking additional suites or guest rooms for the same voyage (or at least one voyage if the Beneficiary has booked back-to-back voyages), may apply their Credit per additional suite or guest room booked. An individual booking is defined as one (1) suite or guest room reserved for one voyage. For the avoidance of doubt back-to-back voyages, Grand Journeys and the World Cruise are considered one booking and not multiple bookings by voyage segment.


  • Any Crystal Society, Combo Savings, or other price reductions will be calculated from the Fare net of any sub-credit applied.